Smart Money – Nedbank CEO Mike Brown on South Africa’s robust banking industry

Smart Money Nedbank CEO Mike Brown

In this episode of Daily Investor’s Smart Money, Alishia Seckam meets with Mike Brown to discuss his journey to becoming Nedbank CEO.

Brown’s career began in 1988 as an article clerk at Deloitte, where he was placed into a group that audited banks and other companies.

He then joined the Natal Building Society in 1993, which later merged with Boland Bank to become NBS Boland. This then merged with BoE in 1999.

The group was finally acquired by Nedbank and fully integrated into the organisation by 2004, which led to Brown becoming the Nedbank CFO in the same year.

By March 2010, Brown had taken on the role of Chief Executive at Nedbank and has since been instrumental in leading the bank to where it is today.

Brown is also a director and former chairperson of the Banking Association South Africa (BASA), and a council member and finance committee chairperson of St John’s College.

In 2020, Brown was chosen as the Business Leader of the Year at the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards.

Smart Money with Mike Brown

In this episode of Smart Money, Brown shares what he is most proud of during his tenure as Nedbank CEO.

He then explains how traditional banks digitise their infrastructure to remain relevant and compete against rising fintech organisations.

Brown discusses the current banking crisis and whether South African banks are at risk before unpacking the country’s recent greylisting.

Finally, he highlights three key points to solve South Africa’s biggest challenges and get the country back on track.

Watch the full Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview below or on Spotify or Google Podcasts.


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