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Pollak PLLC – Experts in helping South Africans emigrate to the USA

Pollak PLLC is an award-winning US-based immigration law firm that provides expert solutions to South African corporations, small businesses, investors, and families who want to emigrate to the United States of America (USA).

It is headed by Karen-Lee Pollak, who has won several awards for her work as an immigration attorney.

These awards include Texas Superlawyers 2018-2022 by Texas Monthly, one of the best immigration attorneys in the USA by Chambers and Partners in 2016, and one of the best lawyers in Dallas from 2014-2023 by D Magazine.

Before she started Pollak PLLC, Pollak chaired the USA-bound immigration practice of one of the world’s largest law firms, and also chaired the immigration practice group of a regional law firm in Dallas, Texas.

She grew up in South Africa and therefore understands first-hand the emotional aspects of bringing a family and employees to live and work in the USA, as well as how to do this in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Pollak and her talented team have helped many South Africans move to the USA and are well-equipped to ensure your family or organization has a stress-free and smooth transition.

Families moving to the USA

Individuals and families that are emigrating to the USA can use Pollak PLLC’s extensive experience and resources to navigate the entire process.

This is valuable as, due to the large number of available visa types, it can be a challenge to determine which is best for your unique circumstances.

Pollak PLLC will discuss your situation with you and use its experience to guide you to the right option.

The firm’s lawyers will then provide legal advice to help you through the process of attaining your documentation.

Whether you are applying for a green card, seeking citizenship or naturalisation, or obtaining a K-1 fiancé visa – Pollak PLLC has you covered.

Business Visas

Pollak PLLC also has extensive experience assisting businesses of all sizes with their emigration needs.

This includes start-ups that want to establish themselves in the USA, investment purchases of existing businesses, and established businesses looking for overseas expansions.

Pollak PLLC’s team can handle the attaining of employment green cards for your organization’s employees, too, including EB1, EB2, and EB3 visas.

Its services will therefore help companies avoid any legal issues while navigating complex US immigration laws.

Study Visas

Pollak PLLC’s expertise does not stop there, and it is able to assist in the acquisition of non-immigrant and study visas.

These include:

  • E3 Visas
  • F1 Visas
  • H1B Visas
  • L1 Visas
  • O1 Visas
  • P Visas
  • R1 Visas
  • TN Visas

Work with Pollak PLLC

With its experienced legal team and wide range of capabilities, Pollak PLLC is ready to assist with all your US immigration needs.

Click here to learn more about emigrating to the USA with Pollak PLLC.


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