Werner Kapp stocking up on Altron shares

Werner Kapp

New Altron CEO Werner Kapp is investing millions in the company he is now leading, which illustrates that he believes in the potential of the company.

After a twenty-two-year career at Dimension Data, Kapp left the ICT provider to take the reins at Altron on 1 October 2022.

Before joining Altron, he served as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and regional executive at Dimension Data.

Kapp said it was a privilege to join Altron, which has a solid set of intellectual property and a variety of digital solutions.

“I look forward to working with the board and employees in taking Altron to its next phase of growth as a successful and sustainable business,” he said.

These are standard PR comments when a new chief executive moves to a company, but Kapp is backing it up by putting his own money into the company.

Over the last few weeks, Kapp bought large amounts of Altron shares in his personal capacity and as part of the WG Kapp Family Trust.

When a director buys or sells shares in their company, it draws attention because it can give a glimpse of their views on the company’s prospects.

Directors have a good understanding of their company operations and what future performance will look like. This, in turn, can determine the share price.

When a director sells shares in a company without a good reason, the market can see it as a sign that the company is overvalued or that bad news is on the way.

The inverse is also true. When directors buy shares, it shows trust in the company and can increase the share price.

Using his WG Kapp Family Trust, Kapp bought around R4 million in Altron A ordinary shares on the open market in November and December.

It shows trust in the company, which bodes well for Altron under Kapp’s leadership.

DatePersonShares boughtValue
3 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust60,624R547,204
4 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust77,745R714,856
9 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust5,467R50,444
11 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust5,000R45,750
11 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust106,962R994,747
14 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust1,752R16,294
15 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust97,819R903,350
16 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust17,334R161,125
17 November 2022WG Kapp Family Trust581R5,403
1 December 2022WG Kapp Family Trust38,014R353,530
5 December 2022WG Kapp Family Trust18,428R169,538