Smart Money – Laurium Capital’s Rob Oellermann discusses the success of the PPS Stable Fund

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Laurium Capital Portfolio Manager Rob Oellermann discusses the PPS Stable Fund, of which he is the manager.

Oellermann has 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He started his career as an equity analyst at Allan Gray in 1994.

He spent eight years at Coronation Fund Managers before co-founding Tantalum Capital in 2005.

He served as Tantalum Capital’s CIO and was the portfolio manager for the equity and multi-asset portfolios under long-only and hedge fund mandates.

Oellermann then joined Laurium Capital as a portfolio manager in December 2020 after it acquired 100% of Tantalum Capital.

Since joining Laurium Capital, Oellermann has proved a hugely important part of the company.

Rob Oellermann manages the prestigious PPS Stable Fund, which, as of 30 April 2024, had a portfolio size exceeding R2.1 billion.

The interview

In this interview, Oellermann discusses Laurium Capital’s impressive track record. This has seen the company grow from managing R100 million in assets to R50 billion in assets in 15 years.

He also explains why Tantalum Capital was consolidated into Laurium Capital.

Oellermann then delves into the PPS Stable Fund, explaining that it operates in the medium equity space and is targeted at investors in the mid-to-late stage of their careers who need smoother returns from their investments.

Oellermann said that while other funds are trying to achieve the same objectives, he believes Laurium Capital’s experience, capabilities, and track record give the PPS Stable Fund an edge over the competition.

He also talks about how the PPS Stable Fund holds gold in various forms as a risk mitigation tool.

He said that when geopolitical concerns rise, and many assets decrease in value, investors turn to precious metals as a sanctuary.

Oellermann concludes the interview by discussing the South African investment landscape, noting that while there are many concerns, there are also plenty of opportunities where assets are undervalued.

Watch the full interview with Rob Oellermann below.


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