Smart Money – Momentum CEO Jeanette Marais on how South Africa can turn its economy around

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings CEO Jeanette Marais discusses her journey to becoming CEO and unpacks the company’s latest strategies.

Marais began her career at Momentum in 1990, where she filled various roles in actuarial product development and marketing.

She was then part of the team that launched Momentum Administration Services – which pioneered investment platforms in South Africa.

Marais moved on to fill executive-level positions at PSG, Stanlib, and Old Mutual before joining Allan Gray in 2009 as a co-head of the retail business – and later becoming an executive director.

After this, Marais was appointed Momentum Deputy CEO in March 2018 before being promoted to CEO in August 2023.

Marais holds an MBA with Honours from the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland and is passionate about uplifting women and making financial services available to all South Africans.

The interview

Marais begins the interview by explaining what sparked her interest in the investment world and how she ended up working with former Momentum CEO Hillie Meyer.

She then talks about her initial experiences as CEO of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings and if she has seen any major shifts in the company’s priorities since her appointment.

Marais touches on her plans for Momentum Metropolitan Holdings after its Reinvent and Grow strategy ends in the coming months.

She also offers investing advice for the average South African and her thoughts on how a newly-elected government could start turning things around for the country.

Marais concludes by noting the best and worst investments she’s ever made.

Watch the full interview with Jeanette Marais below.


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