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Smart Money Season 4 presented by PPS Investments – Coming soon

The fourth season of Smart Money with Alishia Seckam is coming soon.

Season 4 is sponsored by PPS Investments and will focus on investing and wealth management.

PPS Investments is the preferred wealth management services provider for graduate professionals.

It offers a wide range of solutions that help South Africans create and manage their long-term wealth.

Watch Smart Money Season 4

Season 4 of Smart Money, powered by PPS Investments, will feature fascinating interviews with experts from a wide range of companies.

These industry leaders will cover a broad selection of important topics, making Season 4 a must-watch for every South African who wants to save effectively for the future.

Each episode will interview a new expert and will be available on the Smart Money website and Daily Investor’s YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify pages.

Watch the trailer for Season 4 of Smart Money below.


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