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One thing all these top companies have in common

There is one thing South Africa’s top finance and investing companies have in common – they partner with Daily Investor for their marketing needs.

Daily Investor has shown exceptional growth over the last year, with 1.2 million South Africans visiting the website each month.

What makes the publication unique is the quality of its readers. It is frequented by high-net-worth individuals, finance professionals, analysts, and financial advisors.

One million readers are active investors, 214,000 earn over R1 million annually, and 120,000 are finance and investment professionals.

Daily Investor’s newsletter, sponsored by M&G Investments, reaches 200,000 South African financial decision-makers.

Daily Investor’s investment, finance, and business video podcast – Smart Money with Alishia Seckam – is also a tremendous success.

It has achieved over 300,000 views since its launch five months ago, with a growing viewership on YouTube, Facebook, and the official Smart Money website.

Strong growth in marketing partnerships

Broad Media CCO Kevin Lancaster said Daily Investor achieved strong growth in the number and size of marketing campaigns.

“Most top South African finance and investment companies partner with Daily Investor because of its sought-after audience,” Lancaster said.

“These companies are also increasing their marketing budgets with us because of the great performance of their campaigns.”

For more information about Daily Investor and what it offers companies, contact Kevin Lancaster ([email protected]), or visit its advertising page.


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