Smart Money launches first in-studio interview

Smart Money - Gary Booysen

South Africa’s favourite investment podcast, Smart Money with Alishia Seckam, has launched its first in-studio episode.

This is thanks to the show partnering with Broad Media Studios and leveraging its world-class facilities, equipment, and production team.

In this episode of Smart Money, Alishia Seckam meets with Gary Booysen – founder of the award-winning investment firm Rand Swiss.

Booysen also works as the lead portfolio manager for Rand Swiss, where he specialises in bespoke portfolio construction, stockbroking, and trade execution.

He is an avid market commentator who regularly features on investment talk shows and news segments.

The interview

In this Smart Money interview, Booysen explains what inspired him to launch Rand Swiss.

He then discusses how the South African investment industry has evolved over the past ten years and what exciting opportunities are now available locally.

Booysen also provides his view on the future of the investment sector in South Africa, highlighting that smart regulatory decisions will be key to the success of local markets.

The full Smart Money interview with Gary Booysen can be watched below.


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