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How a top financial service provider is maximising its marketing budget on Daily Investor

As South Africa’s most popular finance and investing news publication, Daily Investor is read by South Africa’s top financial decision-makers.

A leading FSP is taking advantage of this valuable audience by running large marketing campaigns on Daily Investor.

The company is running a combination of display advertising and sponsored articles, and both of these marketing products are delivering great results.

The display advertising campaigns allow the FSP to promote its branding and messaging on key areas of the Daily Investor website.

This is delivering excellent brand recognition, as well as lots of clickthroughs to the company’s landing page.

Sponsored articles then give the FSP the opportunity to promote its chosen narratives in more detail.

These articles can comprise anything from valuable thought leadership content to direct product promotions, allowing the business to deliver on its specific marketing goals.

The company achieved major success with these marketing campaigns in 2023 and has booked big new packages in 2024 to continue achieving these great results and grow its already-impressive reputation in South Africa.

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