Smart Money – Spur CEO Val Nichas explains how the company has thrived during record load-shedding and a sluggish economy

Spur CEO Val Nichas

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Spur CEO Val Nichas discusses how the business has continued to perform well during record load-shedding and a sluggish South African economy.

Nichas is a veteran in the restaurant industry, joining Famous Brands in 1999 as a Marketing Director for Debonairs Pizza.

She then acted as the Managing Executive of Wimpy and Steers before being appointed the Head of QSR Brands.

For several years, Nichas also ran her own consulting business – specialising in business strategy and planning for clients from various industries – including the restaurant and food sectors.

The interview

Nichas begins the interview with a brief outline of her journey to becoming CEO of Spur in 2021, and explains why Spur remains so popular in South Africa.

She then unpacks how Spur has tackled the challenges presented by load-shedding and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nichas also provides her outlook on the local restaurant industry, and concludes by noting how Spur plans to continue growing in South Africa.

Watch the full interview with Spur CEO Val Nichas below.


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