De Ruyter misleading Parliament – EFF MP

EFF MP Ntombovuyo Veronica Mente accused former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter of misleading Parliament by refusing to name politicians he alleged are involved in corruption at the utility. 

This formed part of a discussion during his appearance before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa).

Scopa invited De Ruyter to brief the committee following his tell-all interview with eNCA in which he made serious allegations against ANC politicians and top government officials.

The former Eskom CEO said that government officials were deeply involved in corrupt activities at Eskom.

The committee asked De Ruyter for further details about cabinet members allegedly involved in corruption. However, he would not divulge these details.

De Ruyter did not want to expose himself to “any further legal action”, particularly during a public forum like the Scopa hearing. He also mentioned “security concerns” for refusing to name names.

Mente said De Ruyter went to a public forum and mentioned the misuse of public funds in his eNCA interview. However, now, he is refusing to provide more information.

“Which platform would be suitable for him to give us names?” Mente asked.

She asked Scopa chair Mkhuleko Hlengwa to use a “mechanism” afforded to Scopa to get De Ruyter to answer.

De Ruyter says he is aware of his duties to report corrupt officials but does not want to compromise other people’s safety. He also does not want to use a public forum to express his concerns. 

“If I am called before a court of law, I will comply fully,” he said.


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