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Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka calls for ANC and DA coalition

Magda Wierzycka

Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka urged the DA to make a deal with the African National Congress, which she argues is in the best interest of South Africa.

The ANC is set to cede its parliamentary majority for the first time after voters gave the party a historic rebuke.

With 99% of ballots cast in the May 29 election counted, the ANC has 40.2% of the vote, with the DA on 21.8% and Jacob Zuma’s MK party on 14.6%.

The ANC collapsed from its 57.5% share in 2019 after years of economic mismanagement and corruption.

Mismanaging the country left a third of South Africans unemployed and citizens having to deal with erratic water and power supplies.

The election results pushed South Africa into uncharted territory and led key leaders in both the ANC and the main opposition, the Democratic Alliance, to consider a coalition.

The loss leaves the ANC with the choice of seeking an alliance with the left – EFF or uMkhonto weSizwe Party – or with the centre-right DA.

While a decision has yet to be made, DA leaders are seeking a coalition in which they would receive some cabinet posts and control of several parliamentary portfolio committees.

If it goes ahead with such an arrangement, the DA would want some of the smaller parties it has allied with in the run-up to the election to be included, including the IFP and the FF Plus.

The DA’s top leadership will meet on Sunday to discuss its election performance and its approach toward coalitions.

“At this stage, the party hasn’t worked out what the approach should be,” the DA’s national spokesman Solly Malatsi said.

“By the end of tomorrow, we will have a sense of the approach for coalitions and who we can start initiating prospective talks with.”

DA federal chairperson Hellen Zille said their aim is to prevent a “doomsday coalition” between the ANC and MK or the EFF.

“We will put South Africa’s interest first. It is in South Africa’s interests that the DA grows and thrives and becomes the biggest party in the country,” she said.

ANC Chairman Gwede Mantashe has said the party won’t comment on coalition talks until the final results are declared.

Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka calls for ANC and DA coalition

DA federal chairperson Hellen Zille

Wierzycka urged the Democratic Alliance to make a deal with the ruling ANC to move South Africa forward.

“Please make a deal with ANC and do, as you say, what is best for South Africa,” she said in response to Zille’s comments.

She said a deal between ANC and DA depends on the DA wanting very little in return, which is fine.

Wierzycka said this coalition will strengthen the Rand and make South Africa a more attractive investment destination.

She added that it would help stabilise the business environment and create a better future for the country. “Let reason prevail. Put South Africa first,” she said.

The Sygnia CEO added that an ANC and MK alliance would result in closer ties with Russia and allow Zuma and his cronies to walk free.

She added that this coalition means the problems associated with Eskom, potholes, and Transnet’s collapse will continue.

According to the Social Research Foundation (SRF), there is strong support for an ANC/DA coalition among voters.

“The data demonstrates that there is considerable support amongst ANC and DA voters for the parties to enter into coalition as a government of national unity,” the SRF said.


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