South Africa

Hand luggage warning in South Africa

The Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) warned South African travellers about its strengthened hand baggage regulations.

ACSA said in a press statement that the aviation industry is rallying behind its hand baggage regulations, aligning them with aviation safety and compliance standards. 

These regulations, applicable throughout ACSA’s airport network, aim to manage the carriage of hand baggage onto aircraft.

As part of the latest initiative, it will identify passengers with non-compliant items before reaching the security checkpoint.

Non-compliant passengers will be directed back to check-in counters to transfer their baggage to check-in baggage.

The objective is to efficiently manage the surge in travellers and bolster ACSA’s efforts in combating criminal activities. 

The regulations are a preventative measure, flagging potentially illegal or hazardous items in travellers’ hand baggage.

According to the regulations, the hand baggage allowance is as follows:

  • Economy-class passengers: one bag plus one slimline laptop bag or handbag.
  • First-class passengers: two bags plus a slimline laptop bag.
  • Bags may not exceed the total dimensions of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.
  • Weight limit per bag: 7kg.
  • Passengers who exceed the hand luggage limit will be subject to the specific airline’s excess baggage rules.

The reference to a slimline laptop bag means that this bag is of a size and thickness specifically designed to carry a laptop and charger.

A slimline laptop bag does not include bags capable of carrying items such as documents, clothes, and other items. 

These regulations apply to all flights operating at ACSA airports within South Africa, as well as regional and international flights departing from South Africa. 

These regulations are considered essential to uphold hand baggage policies and to prioritise cabin and flight safety.


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