South Africa

More people killed in South Africa than in the Ukraine war

Police Minister Bheki Cele unveiled South Africa’s crime statistics for April to June 2023, which showed that there were 6,228 murders over the quarter.

Despite higher violent crimes, including attempted murder and assault, Cele claimed that the police are turning the tide on crime.

Action Society Spokesperson Ian Cameron is not convinced. He highlighted that 6,228 murders over three months are a staggeringly high number, averaging 68 murders a day.

Cameron said the murder rate is the most accurate crime statistic in South Africa because it is typically reported. Other crimes are often underreported.

He added that, over the last three months, more people were murdered in South Africa than killed in war-torn Ukraine.

“Over the reporting period, 1,574 people were killed in the Ukraine war. In South Africa, 6,228 people were murdered,” he said.

“Over the past five years, 125,000 people have been killed in the country. We are seeing 75 people murdered per day.”

Cameron said criminals have free reign in South Africa because they do not see any consequences for their actions.

“Only 14.5% of murders are solved. That means we do not have successful convictions of murderers,” he said.

He said more police officers on the ground would help with some crime prevention, but it does not help with all aspects of crime.

He proposed a joint effort between the Department of Social Development, the Department of Justice and Correctional Services, and the Police.

“If we don’t have an integrated effort to fight crime, we are wasting our time. There are too many factors contributing to violent crime for only the police the handle,” Cameron said.


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