South Africa

Eskom considers cutting power to City of Tshwane


South Africa’s state-owned power utility Eskom is considering disconnecting the City of Tshwane, which includes the nation’s capital, Pretoria, due to the municipality failing to pay its outstanding debt.

Tshwane breached the electricity supply agreement with Eskom by failing to pay R1.6 billion, which was due and payable on 17 Aug, the utility said in a statement on Twitter on Tuesday.

Eskom “had numerous engagements with the City of Tshwane’s management to ensure that the city pays its account,” it said.

“Nevertheless, these actions have not yielded any results as the city has continued with the same pattern. The inconsistent payments are both untenable and unacceptable.”

South African city councils struggle to collect payments for services such as water and electricity from consumers and, in turn, can’t pay their suppliers or maintain infrastructure.

Tshwane, home to about 3.3 million people, in February began cutting off electricity and other services to customers whose outstanding debts it said have grown to unsustainable levels.


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