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Pick n Pay QualiSave – and what it offers

Retailer Pick n Pay is targeting the middle market with its newly branded QualiSave stores, which promise to offer lower prices alongside great quality and excellent customer service.

This launch follows the group’s announcement in May that it would be splitting its brand to better serve the needs of the growing middle-income market.

Pick n Pay CEO Pieter Boone said that the addition of QualiSave places the group in a stronger position to better serve shoppers across its brands, which now include:

  • Boxer – for aspirational customers with tight budgets.
  • Pick n Pay QualiSave – for the growing middle market.
  • Pick n Pay – for higher-end customers.

“We have done enormous research to understand what customers want and need. We concluded that we could not successfully meet the needs of all our customers with just one Pick n Pay brand,” said Boone

“Freshness, value for money, and customer service were non-negotiable demands across all customers, but they wanted their favourite stores to be better tailored to their specific needs,” he added.

What Pick n Pay QualiSave will offer

The group will revamp QualiSave stores to make them easily distinguishable from Pick n Pay stores.

The new stores will offer customers a range of 8,000 products, with an emphasis on meat, fresh produce, bakeries, and essential commodities, as well as a keen focus on bulk and promotional offerings.

Boone noted that adding QualiSave stores to the brand would enable the group to deliver the right products, at the correct prices, to the right consumers.

This sentiment is evident in Pick n Pay QualiSave’s new tagline, which reads ‘Where lower prices look better.

“We are very attuned to the fact that the cost of living is increasing sharply, and Pick n Pay QualiSave will be on the side of customers in providing great everyday value and deals,” said Boone.

QualiSave launch schedule

The group says Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will have the new brand name from September 2022, and over time the stores will include a new store layout, distinctive in-store signage, and product selection.

Around 40% of Pick n Pay company-owned supermarkets will be converted to QualiSave stores.

The group said that the stores to be rebranded around the country have been identified through careful consumer modelling.

See images of the revamped Eerste River Pick n Pay QualiSave store in Cape Town below.


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