Pick n Pay CEO says current ANC leadership is a crime against humanity

Pick ‘n Pay CEO Sean Summers said South Africa’s current leadership is this century’s first crime against humanity.

Summers made these comments during a discussion at the 2024 Biznews Conference in Hermanus.

Summers said the three crimes against humanity of the last century were fascism, socialism, and apartheid.

“The first crime against the people of this century is, unfortunately, the current leadership of this country,” he said.

“The once noble, almighty organisation called the African National Congress will be judged in biblical terms.”

“There will be an Old Testament which will judge the ANC’s founding fathers favourably for what they believed in, stood for and suffered to free the country.”

“Tragically, post the nineties, the ANC will be judged in the New Testament. It will not judge them kindly.”

He added that history judges with the benefit of hindsight, which will not look good for the ANC.

Summers said it is easy to see the devastation which has been inflected on South Africa over the last few years.

He highlighted that many countries, like Germany, Japan, and South Korea, were crushed following devastating wars.

However, thirty years after these events, these countries have been fixed and developed into world-leading economies.

However, South Africa is moving in the opposite direction. Thirty years after apartheid, there is widespread unemployment, crime, corruption, and wealth destruction.

Summers lambasted the lack of unity which is seen in the country’s political and social spheres.

“We need to move past slogans, insults, and verbal abuse and get down to the facts. Let’s get down to the details and get it done.”

He added that the country still has tremendous skills, energy, money, and knowledge which can help to build an economy.

He said many groups, like the Afrikaners, who are descendants of the Dutch and French people who settled in South Africa, are here to stay.

“They have 400 years of history in this country. There is nowhere for them to go. This is their country, and they love it.”

He urged the leadership to get clarity and purpose, cut through the clutter, and get on with fixing the country.