Smart Money – A2X CEO Kevin Brady discusses the exchange’s growth and future

Smart Money Kevin Brady

In the second episode of Smart Money, Daily Investor’s new finance and investment talk show, A2X co-founder and CEO Kevin Brady discussed the exchange with Alishia Seckam.

Brady has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, including serving as a director of equity trading at Barnard Jacobs Mellet, and head of Investec’s institutional securities and prime broking division.

In 2014, Brady began building the A2X Markets stock exchange, which went live in 2017.

Under Brady’s leadership, A2X has become a top stock exchange in South Africa, with 94 listed instruments and a market cap of over R6.6 trillion.

In this episode, Brady talks about the challenges he faced when launching A2X.

He then discusses A2X’s incredible growth over the last few years and explains what drives this success.

Brady talks about the sustainability of this growth and explains how A2X is helping to expand the local market by attracting investment.

He also discusses A2X’s trading volumes and explains where most of these trades come from.

Finally, Brady reveals the plan to double the market share of A2X.

The full Smart Money interview with A2X CEO Kevin Brady is embedded below, or you can watch it on Spotify and Google Podcasts.


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