400,000 South African investors in one place

Daily Investor has shown exceptional growth in recent months and now attracts over 400,000 South African fund managers, analysts, and retail investors.

In January, 421,000 investors visited Daily Investor to read the latest news and analysis about local and international markets.

What sets Daily Investor apart is not only the size of its audience, though, but the quality of its readers. 

Over the last month, its readers included:

  • 25,000 Financial and Investment Professionals
  • 3,500 Fund Managers and Asset Management Professionals
  • 5,000 Financial Advisors
  • 350,000 Retail Investors

The publication’s audience also includes 140,000 people with a household income of over R1 million per year, while 68,000 readers earn over R2 million per year.

Daily Investor’s newsletter is also incredibly popular. It has 45,000 subscribers and is growing at over 5,000 new subscribers per month.

Many top investment companies have partnered with Daily Investor to reach this powerful audience, including Old Mutual, IG, Scoin, and M&G Investments.

For more information about Daily Investor, visit its advertising page.


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