Smart Money – Terebinth Capital MD Nomathibana Okello on Terebinth being appointed to manage the R693 million PPS Defensive Fund

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Terebinth Capital Managing Director and Portfolio Manager Nomathibana Okello discusses Terebinth’s appointment as the manager of the PPS Defensive fund.

Okello began working for the company in 2017. Before this, she was an investment analyst at Catalyst Fund Managers.

She also worked for almost four years at Coronation Fund Managers as a Fixed Income Analyst and Portfolio Manager, and for two years at Old Mutual South Africa as an Actuarial Analyst.

Okello holds an MPhil degree in Financial Mathematics and a BBusSci degree majoring in Actuarial Science, both from the University of Cape Town.

The interview

Okello begins the interview by outlining how she became the Managing Director at Terebinth Capital.

She explains the investment philosophies she has embraced and how they have impacted the company’s service offerings.

Okello then unpacks Terebinth Capital’s asset growth—from R3 billion in 2018 to R33 billion in 2023—and reveals her highlights from this journey.

She also discusses the significance of PPS appointing Terebinth Capital to manage its R693 million PPS Defensive Fund.

Okello concludes the interview by explaining the trends she has been seeing in the asset management industry, both locally and internationally.

Watch the interview with Nomathibana Okello below.


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