Smart Money – Vodacom Financial Services CEO Mariam Cassim on the success of VodaPay

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckham interview, Vodacom Financial Services CEO Mariam Cassim discusses the success of Vodapay and the importance of partnerships.

Cassim’s professional experience includes corporate finance and deal structuring, mergers and acquisitions, debt structuring, commercial evaluation, and full CEO responsibility.

Her flair for innovation, disruption, and new business development allows Cassim to generate creative business solutions that have a strong focus on benefiting both companies and society.

This is evident in Cassim’s portfolio at Vodacom Financial Services, which focuses on creating new and disruptive financial services for mobile network customers – including microinsurance, payments, microloans, and solutions that enable financial inclusion for small and medium enterprises in South Africa.

The interview

Mariam Cassim begins her Smart Money interview by explaining why a technology company like Vodacom decided to enter the financial services industry.

Cassim then talks about the VodaPay super app, explaining how popular the app has been in South Africa and how it has made financial inclusion a reality in the country.

She explains why Vodacom Financial Services has been so successful in South Africa, too, including its collaboration with like-minded brands, and its commitment to making good financial services accessible in the country.

Cassim concludes the interview by discussing Vodacom Financial Services’ future plans.

The full interview with Mariam Cassim can be watched below.


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