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Daily Investor is South Africa’s premier investment and finance news publication, and the best place to showcase the success of your key investment and financial events.

Through an event coverage marketing package, your event will be showcased through articles, photos, and videos on Daily Investor and its social media pages.

This is hugely beneficial to a company looking to elevate itself in the market and ensure it is seen as an industry leader – while receiving first-class exposure for its events.

Once you have booked an event coverage package with Daily Investor’s marketing team, our expert journalists, photographers, and videographers will attend your event and capture its best moments.

The content will then be produced for your approval and, once the go-ahead is given, will be promoted on Daily Investor, in the Daily Investor newsletter, and on Daily Investor’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages.

The articles, photos, and videos produced will also be shared with you – with no usage restrictions.

You will therefore be able to reshare and reuse them as you see fit.

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