Smart Money – Investing visionary and Purple Group CEO Charles Savage


In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Purple Group CEO Charles Savage discusses the success of EasyEquities and his passion for investing.

Savage is a visionary in the South African investing industry who opened up share trading to millions of South Africans.

He is the brains behind EasyEquities, a platform that democratised share trading and investing in South Africa.

EasyEquities’ biggest selling point is its patented fractional share rights (FSR) model, which allows investors to buy and sell small portions of equities traded on stock exchanges.

FSR means everyone can invest cheaply and easily and allows a R100 investor to create the same portfolio as an R1 million investor.

This innovation helped EasyEquities to become ten times larger than the second-biggest stockbroker in South Africa.

With Savage at the helm of Purple Group, he continued to drive innovation and expanded EasyEquities to offer a wide range of products to investors.

Today, EasyEquities clients can buy local and international equities, invest in property, buy crypto like Bitcoin, and even access retirement annuities.

In November 2023, EasyEquities launched South African government bond investments, which many experts said was a game-changer.

For the first time, South Africans can easily invest in government bonds and enjoy the benefits of the high yield and guaranteed return they offer.

Apart from being a pioneer in the investment market, Savage is also reinvigorating the horse racing industry in South Africa.

He serves as the chairman of 4Racing, an organisation working to ensure the sport reaches its full potential in the country.

Purple Group CEO Charles Savage interview

In his interview with Alishia Seckam, Savage takes us back to his student days, when his love for investing and fintech started.

He then elaborates on his journey to becoming Purple Group CEO and the innovations behind EasyEquities.

Savage explains the success behind EasyEquities and the launch of their R25 monthly Thrive subscription.

He also sheds light on why he believes Purple Group is undervalued and the tremendous future value which will be unlocked.

Watch the full Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview with Purple Group CEO Charles Savage below.


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