Fastest-growing finance and investment publication in South Africa

Daily Investor is South Africa’s fastest-growing finance and investment publication – having reached 1 million readers in one year, while its daily newsletter grew to 200,000 subscribers.

Daily Investor was launched on 1 August 2022, focussing on South African financial news, company information, and investing insights.

The publication also offers its readers free access to a slew of financial data, including JSE market data, information about listed companies, and currency data.

This is complemented by an in-house equity analyst to ensure accurate financial reporting, and qualified business journalists to cover daily news.

As a result, Daily Investor was an instant hit with the local market.

High-end audience

What further sets Daily Investor apart from other publications is the quality of its readers.

The majority of Daily Investor’s audience earns over R500,000 per year and are financial decision-makers in their companies and households.

These readers include 120,000 finance and investment professionals and 40,000 people who earn above R2 million per year.

On the back of its rapid growth, Daily Investor launched its investing podcast Smart Money with Alishia Seckam in mid-2023.

The show is hosted by Alishia Seckam, a leading broadcast and financial journalist, and features the country’s top business leaders as guests.

Thanks to its positioning as the official podcast of Daily Investor, Smart Money was also an instant hit – achieving over 500,000 views on YouTube, Facebook, and the show’s official website since launch.


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