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Give your investment events the publicity they deserve with Daily Investor event videos

Daily Investor’s event video packages provide unrivalled coverage of your business’s most important investment and finance events.

Thanks to our experienced journalists and talented video team, we can create professional videos that position your business and its events as industry leaders – and promote the videos across Daily Investor, YouTube, and social media.

As a part of your video package, you will receive:

  • Professional video shooting, production, and editing.
  • Professional storyboard creation and script writing.
  • Video promotions on Daily Investor, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Original video file shared – with no usage restrictions.

Book an event video package

Booking an event package with Daily Investor couldn’t be easier – simply contact our marketing team, who will take care of all aspects of your campaign.

This includes sending a video team to your event, recording and editing your video, and promoting it to your target audience. Click here to contact Daily Investor’s marketing team.


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