Three stocks Warren Buffett bought – and five he cut

In the second quarter of 2023, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought three new stocks – all home-building companies- D.R. Horton, NVR Inc., and Lennar Corp.

Bloomberg reported that the largest US homebuilders have been outperforming smaller rivals, with stocks rallying and the companies welcoming a surge of buyers frustrated by a severe shortage of existing-home listings. 

Lennar, D.R. Horton and NVR are all up more than 30% this year.

Berkshire was a net seller of equities during the three months ended June 30, divesting about $7.98 billion more of shares than it bought.

Berkshire Hathaway reduced its stake in five companies – Chevron Corp, Activision Blizzard, General Motors, Celanese Corp, and Globe Life.

The company increased its stake in Occidental Petroleum and Capital One Financial.

Notably, Berkshire slashed its stake in Activision Blizzard by more than 70% during Q2, as the video game maker’s proposed deal with Microsoft has run into antitrust scrutiny. 

Bloomberg reported that shares of Activision Blizzard have gained 19% this year, but the proposed deal with Microsoft has run into antitrust scrutiny, delaying the process. 

Buffett is regarded as one of the greatest investors ever and has left an indelible mark on the finance world.

He has become an iconic figure in the investment community because of his extraordinary success and down-to-earth personality.

Buffett’s journey began in Omaha, Nebraska, where he developed an early interest in business and investing.

As a young boy, he would spend hours reading financial books and analysing stock market data.

Buffett’s passion for investing grew stronger as he progressed through his education, and he eventually earned a Master of Science in Economics from Columbia Business School.

After completing his education, Buffett established his own investment partnership in 1956, laying the foundation for his eventual success.

In 1965, Buffett took control of Berkshire Hathaway, a textile company he turned into an investment vehicle and one of the world’s largest companies by market cap.

Buffett – now 92 years of age – is still the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, with his long-term partner Charlie Munger as the vice chairman.

Buffett’s investment strategy – value investing – involved buying shares of companies with solid fundamentals trading below their intrinsic value.

This patient and disciplined approach helped him navigate market fluctuations and generate exceptional returns.

Warren Buffett’s fame stems not only from his investment prowess but also from his unique personal qualities.

Despite accumulating immense riches, he has maintained a humble and frugal lifestyle, living in the same house he purchased decades ago and eschewing flashy displays of wealth.

Buffett’s annual shareholder letters and charismatic presence at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meetings have further endeared him to investors worldwide.

Moreover, Buffett is renowned for his philanthropic efforts. He pledged to donate most of his fortune to charitable causes.

His partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates to establish The Giving Pledge has inspired numerous billionaires to commit their wealth to philanthropy.

Berkshire Hathaway share portfolio

The table below shows Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway share portfolio on 30 June 2023.

CompanyPortfolio PercentageChangeValue
AAPL – Apple Inc.51.00%No change$177,591,247,000
BAC – Bank of America Corp.8.51%No change$29,539,568,000
AXP – American Express7.59%No change$26,410,584,000
KO – Coca Cola Co.6.92%No change$24,087,999,000
CVX – Chevron Corp.5.56%Reduce 7.01%$19,372,949,000
OXY – Occidental Petroleum3.78%Add 5.87%$13,178,796,000
KHC – Kraft Heinz Co.3.32%No change$11,560,036,000
MCO – Moody’s Corp.2.46%No change$8,578,175,000
HPQ – HP Inc.1.07%No change$3,714,461,000
DVA – DaVita HealthCare Partners1.04%No change$3,626,522,000
VRSN – Verisign Inc.0.83%No change$2,895,945,000
C – Citigroup Inc.0.73%No change$2,543,471,000
KR – Kroger Co.0.67%No change$2,350,000,000
V – Visa Inc.0.58%No change$1,870,745,000
MA – Mastercard Inc.0.45%No change$1,567,949,000
AON – Aon Plc0.43%No change$1,496,442,000
PARA – Paramount Global CL B0.43%No change$1,491,259,000
LSXMK – Liberty SiriusXM Series C0.41%No change$1,414,207,000
AMZN – Inc.0.40%No change $1,375,428,000
CHTR – Charter Communications0.40% No change $1,406,638,000
COF – Capital One Financial0.39%Add 25.69%$1,363,956,000
ATVI – Activision Blizzard Inc.0.35%Reduce 70.35%$1,235,680,000
SNOW – Snowflake Inc.0.31%No change$1,077,944,000
GM – General Motors0.24%Reduce 45.00%$848,320,000
NU – Nu Holdings Ltd0.24%No change$845,167,000
ALLY – Ally Financial Inc.0.22%No change$783,290,000
DHI – D.R. Horton0.21% Buy$726,454,000
TMUS – T-Mobile US Inc.0.21%No change$728,114,000
LSXMA – Liberty Sirius XM Series A0.19%No change$663,014,000
MKL – Markel Corp.0.19%No change$652,392,000
CE – Celanese Corp.0.18%Reduce 39.24%$620,519,000
FWONK – Liberty Media Corp F10.17%No change$581,347,000
LPX – Louisiana-Pacific Corp.0.15%No change$528,227,000
FND – Floor & Decor Holdings0.14%No change$496,929,000
GL – Globe Life Inc.0.08%Reduce 60.41%$275,757,000
STNE – StoneCo Ltd.0.04%No change$136,260,000
JNJ – Johnson & Johnson0.02%No change$54,142,000
NVR – NVR Inc.0.02%Buy$70,568,000
DEO – Diageo ADR0.01%No change$39,510,000
LILA – Liberty LiLAC Group A0.01 No change $23,019,000
MDLZ – Mondelez International0.01%No change$42,159,000
PG – Procter & Gamble0.01%No change$47,859,000
SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust0.01%No change$17,465,000
VOO – Vanguard S&P 500 ETF0.01%No change$17,513,000
JEF – Jefferies Financial Group Inc.0.00%No change$14,381,000
LEN.B – Lennar Corp. CL B0.00%Buy$17,238,000
LILAK – Liberty LiLAC Group C0.00%No change$11,068,000
UPS – United Parcel Service0.00%No change$10,647,000


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