29 Satrix ETFs to list on A2X


29 Satrix exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been approved for a secondary listing on A2X. The ETFs will retain their primary listings on the JSE but will be available for trade on A2X from 4 July 2023.

Kevin Brady, Sean Melnick, and Ashley Mendelowitz founded A2X in 2014 to compete against the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

It debuted on 6 October 2017 with three listings – African Rainbow Capital, Peregrine Holdings, and Coronation Fund Managers with a combined market cap of R14 billion.

Since its humble beginnings, it has emerged as a notable contender in the financial market, presenting a viable alternative to the JSE.

A2X has grown to 128 instruments, including 27 top 40 constituents, with a combined market capitalisation of over R9.2 trillion.

The Satrix ETF listings will significantly grow the number of instruments available on A2X. These ETF listings will bring the number of securities available for trade on A2X to 166. 

A2X was authorised to secondary list ETFs and ETNs in 2019 and will now have 63 ETFs on its market.

Satrix manages R170 billion in index-tracking assets across institutional and retail mandates.

“By listing our ETFs on A2X, Satrix ETF investors will now be able to take advantage of additional liquidity and lower exchange fees offered on A2X when transacting,” Satrix CEO Fikile Mbhokota said.

The following Satrix ETFs will soon be available on A2X from next month.

Satrix 40 ETFSatrix Swix Top 40 ETFSatrix MSCI Emerging Markets ESG ETF
Satrix Divi Plus ETFSatrix Capped Indi ETFSatrix MSCI World ESG ETF
Satrix MSCI World ETFSatrix Momentum ETFSatrix SA Local Bond ETF
Satrix Fini ETFSatrix Resi ETFSatrix Capped All Share Exchange ETF
Satrix Quality SA ETFSatrix Inflation Linked Bond ETFSatrix Healthcare Innovation Feeder ETF
Satrix Rafi ETFSatrix Global Aggregate Bond ETFSatrix Smart City Inf ETF
Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETFSatrix Global Infrastructure ETFSatrix GOVI ETF
Satrix MSCI Emerging Markets ETFSatrix Inclusion & Diversity ETFSatrix Shari’ah Top 40 ETF
Satrix S&P 500 ETFSatrix MSCI China ETFSatrix TRACI 3 Month ETF
Satrix SA Property ETFSatrix MSCI India ETF


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