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Transfer your money out of South Africa quickly, securely, and affordably with BeztForex

BeztForex offers world-class foreign exchange and international banking services to South Africans who are emigrating.

Emigrating from South Africa involves complex tax and financial considerations. BeztForex offers expert assistance in navigating these challenges.

Its highly qualified forex professionals are registered financial representatives with the FSCA and are passionate about delivering the following benefits to emigrating South Africans:

  • Reduced volatility – BeztForex works with its partner banks to facilitate all international transfers. BeztForex offers hedging to emigrating families and individuals with open foreign exchange exposures protecting them against exchange rate fluctuations, whilst waiting for Tax and other financial and logistical processes to finalise.
  • Better rates – BeztForex prides itself on its competitive exchange rates and affordable transaction fees.  Additional emigration Fees levied by other FSP’s can be prohibitively expensive and not negotiable.
  • An equal playing field – All BeztForex clients are handled with equal importance – no matter your wealth level.
  • Seamless cross-border payments – A dedicated specialist will administer your cross-border transactions on your behalf for a low-stress emigration process.
  • Private fund transfers – BeztForex will guide you on using your Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA) and Approved International Transfer (AIT) effectively.

Complete the form below to learn how BeztForex can handle your foreign exchange and international banking needs when emigrating.

About BeztForex

BeztForex believes that anyone who is emigrating deserves access to excellent service and peace of mind.

It is trusted by South African individuals and businesses thanks to its talented and experienced team of finance and investment professionals, who have over 200 years of combined experience and product knowledge.

BeztForex’s specialists stand out in South Africa’s finance industry due to local banks losing their FX and global trade skills or limiting the best benefits to the top 10% of their client base.

BeztForex (PTY) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP 44383), with its head office based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and a footprint with national reach.


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