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How your executives can feature as interview guests on Smart Money

Season 3 of Smart Money with Alishia Seckam is now live, and is an excellent opportunity for your executives to feature as interview guests on the hugely-popular podcast.

Hosted by leading financial journalist Alishia Seckam, Smart Money is South Africa’s premier finance and investment video podcast, and has seen a long list of high-calibre guests interviewed.

Your business will benefit from Smart Money’s stellar reputation when your executives are interviewed on the podcast.

Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us with your executive’s details and the topic they want to discuss.
  • A senior Daily Investor journalist compiles interview questions and shares them with you for approval.
  • Once the questions are approved, we organise a suitable interview time.
  • The interview takes place – in our studio or by video call, depending on your preference – and is recorded.
  • Our multimedia team edits the interview and sends the final video to you for approval.
  • We publish and share the interview on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and the Smart Money and Daily Investor websites.

To find out more about taking part in a Smart Money podcast interview, click here to contact Daily Investor’s marketing team.


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