Smart Money – M&G Investments CEO Chris Sickle on his first year in charge

In the season finale of Daily Investor’s Smart Money, Alishia Seckam meets with Chris Sickle to discuss his first year as CEO at M&G Investments – formerly known as Prudential.

Sickle grew up in Athlone in Cape Town and excelled in mathematics and accounting at school.

From an early age, he wanted to become a chartered accountant and went on to attain a BCom accounting degree from the University of the Western Cape. He then completed an honours degree at the University of South Africa.

He became a Chartered Accountant while doing his articles at Deloitte before spending the next 20 years in auditing, where he worked closely with many of the country’s leading asset managers.

In 2019, Sickle joined Prudential as CFO and became CEO in October 2021 – just as the company rebranded to M&G Investments.

Smart Money with Chris Sickle

In this episode of Smart Money, Sickle explains what led him to the finance industry – even at a young age.

He unpacks the rebranding of Prudential to M&G Investments and explains how M&G Investments retains the same investment philosophies of Prudential but with a global presence.

Sickle talks about his primary focuses in his first year in charge at M&G Investments, such as meeting with existing clients to build and strengthen these relationships.

He touches on the challenging economic climate in South Africa and globally and discusses how this has affected M&G Investments’ asset management strategies.

Watch the full Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview below or on Spotify or Google Podcasts.


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