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How your business can leverage Daily Investor’s rapid growth using sponsored articles

Daily Investor is the premier financial and investing news website in South Africa, and companies that publish sponsored articles on the site benefit from its large and influential audience.

Since launching on 1 August 2022, Daily Investor has grown to over 1.2 million monthly readers and 200,000 daily newsletter subscribers.

Building such a large audience this quickly is an unprecedented feat in South Africa, and what makes this growth so special is that Daily Investor’s audience consists primarily of high-income individuals and financial and investing experts, including:

  • 550,000 readers who earn between R500,000 and R1 million per year
  • 174,000 readers who earn between R1 million and R2 million per year
  • 40,000 readers who earn over R2 million per year

Sponsored articles on Daily Investor

Daily Investor’s growing audience of investors and high-income readers is the perfect target market for your business, and sponsored articles are a great way to reach these influential decision-makers.

Your articles can promote your products and services, or position your business as an industry leader– the choice is yours.

Daily Investor’s marketing team will manage every part of your sponsored article booking – including writing your article (if needed), publishing your article on Daily Investor, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and reporting on your article’s performance.

Below are three examples of recent sponsored articles on Daily Investor.

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