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Why South Africa’s top companies partner with Daily Investor

Daily Investor is the preferred digital publication for South Africa’s top finance and investment companies to promote their brands and services.

The impressive list of companies that advertise on Daily Investor includes:

  • Brenthurst
  • Discovery
  • Ninety One
  • M&G Investments
  • Standard Bank
  • JSE
  • IG Trading
  • Revix
  • Old Mutual
  • Apple
  • Coronation
  • 10X Investments
  • Omnia Holdings
  • 4Sight
  • Rand Swiss
  • Cogence
  • The Scoin Shop
  • OUTvest
  • The One Property Group
  • And more

These companies choose Daily Investor for their digital marketing campaigns thanks to its popularity among South Africa’s fund managers, institutional and retail investors, and financial professionals.

High-quality Audience

Finance and investing professionals love Daily Investor’s high-quality news content, including the latest updates about local and global financial markets, and valuable investing tips from the industry’s top experts.

Daily Investor also analyses the important micro and macroeconomic events that influence financial markets.

This informative content has led to the massive growth of Daily Investor’s audience since its launch in August 2022, which now includes:

  • 1.3 million monthly readers
  • 142,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 180,000 investors with personal accounts on Daily Investor

Partnering with Daily Investor

Daily Investor’s impressive readership makes it the ideal place to reach South African investors and finance professionals with your next marketing campaign.

The Daily Investor marketing team will ensure you achieve an excellent reach, high levels of engagements, and an outstanding return on your advertising investment.

To learn more about advertising on Daily Investor, contact Broad Media CCO Kevin Lancaster.


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