Threads smashes 100 million user record

Meta’s new Threads app recently beat a record previously held by the Artificial Intelligence language bot ChatGPT by gaining 100 million users in less than five days.

AFP reported today that Threads, which launched recently as a rival to Twitter, has signed up over 100 million active users in less than five days.

This makes it the fastest-growing consumer app, smashing ChatGPT’s previous record of two months. 

ChatGPT broke the 100 million users record and became the fastest-growing consumer app at the start of 2023.

Before ChatGPT came onto the scene, social media platform TikTok held the record, having taken nine months to reach 100 million active monthly users after its launch in 2016. 

Threads became available on Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries on 5 July. Alongside Facebook and Instagram, Threads is the third consumer app Meta has launched. Instagram took 30 months to reach the 100 million users milestone.

Many believe Threads could pose a significant threat to rival Twitter, which is thought to have around 200 million regular users.

According to AFP, Twitter “has suffered repeated technical failures since Elon Musk bought the platform last year and sacked thousands of staff”.

According to CNN Business, “Twitter has become particularly vulnerable in recent days, angering users over a temporary limit on how much content users can view each day.” 

“And for Meta, Threads could further expand its empire of popular apps and provide a new platform on which to sell ads.”

Threads also has an advantage over other potential rivals, as it is linked to Instagram, which has over 1 billion regular users.

Consumer platformTime taken to reach 100 million users
Threads5 days
ChatGPT2 months
TikTok9 months
Instagram30 months
Pinterest41 months
Spotify55 months
Uber70 months

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