South Africa

SARS slates Julius Malema for lies about Edward Kieswetter

Julius Malema

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) said recent statements by EFF leader Julius Malema about Commissioner Edward Kieswetter are patently false.

Malema told the media at a recent EFF press conference that there was a meeting between President Cyril Ramaphosa and Kieswetter.

He alleged that Ramaphosa instructed Kieswetter to investigate the tax affairs of those who attended and sponsored the EFF Gala Dinner on 27 July 2023.

On Saturday, Malema also told his supporters that SARS is harassing his family to find anything unlawful against him for nefarious purposes.

Although SARS does not typically comment on political matters, it said it was duty-bound to issue a response on this occasion.

SARS categorically denied any such meeting between Ramaphosa and Kieswetter.

The commissioner has, on many occasions, made it abundantly clear that he would not tolerate political influence at SARS.

“If any politician gave him unlawful instructions, he would immediately resign his position rather than undermine his oath of office,” SARS said.

The revenue service added that Kieswetter had worked relentlessly to rebuild SARS after individuals repurposed it to further the corrupt intent of State Capture.

“He would therefore work to protect the hard work of more than 12,500 SARS employees rather than entertain any unlawful request,” he said.

He has also, on numerous occasions, cautioned that any SARS employee who takes instruction or colludes with any taxpayer is in breach of the law and faces dismissal.


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