South Africa

South Africa among the worst places to live 

South Africa is the fifth worst place to live in the world due to the country’s stagnant economy, minimal employment opportunities, a lack of personal safety, and political instability.  

This was revealed by InterNations in a survey of over 12,000 expats living in 53 countries worldwide, who were asked about 56 different factors of their daily lives. 

South Africa was ranked 48th out of 53 countries, with ex-pats citing a lack of personal safety, a stagnant economy, minimal employment opportunities, and an inefficient government as reasons why ex-pats should not move there. 

The country ranks last for personal safety, ease of transport, and working opportunities. 72% of respondents said dealing with local authorities was ‘hard’. 

Over half of the respondents said getting a visa to travel to South Africa was difficult due to government inefficiency. 

InterNations CEO Molte Zeeck told eNCA that expats are particularly concerned about personal safety and political instability in South Africa. 

“This has been an ongoing issue. South Africa has ranked last for personal safety for the last five years of the survey,” Zeeck said. 

Over half of respondents rated their personal safety negatively in South Africa, more than six times the global average. 

Basic services in the country are also viewed negatively, with the country’s healthcare system and public transport among the worst in the world. 

Overall, 67% of ex-pats are happy with their life in South Africa, below the global average of 72%. 

On the bright side, the country ranks second best in the world for climate and weather and fares better with regard to ease of settling in and personal finance. 

Source: InterNations


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