South Africa

Gordhan confirms links between ANC and Eskom corruption

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said he ‘“can’t deny” the links between the ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, and corruption at Eskom. The minister also admitted that the separation between party and state is inadequate.

This formed part of a discussion during Gordhan’s appearance before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa).

Scopa invited Gordhan to this meeting with the committee to allow him “to exercise his right” to respond to former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, who appeared before Scopa last month.

In his appearance before Scopa, De Ruyter accused Gordhan of micromanaging Eskom and making his life difficult. He also alleged that the minister knew about the “senior politician” involved in corruption.

Gordhan denied the first accusation, claiming, “There was no micromanaging as far as I am concerned.” 

He said he was merely an engaged and vigilant shareholder who did what needed to be done. 

“Eskom is not just a feeding trough for the ANC, as the former CEO alleges. There have been instances where there has been a link, and one can’t deny that, between institutions like Chancellor House and some of the projects that have been undertaken,” said Gordhan.

In particular, there have been allegations that Chancellor House has been linked to corruption at Kusile, which led to significant breakdowns at the station.

However, the minister also mentioned that international companies like ABB “fed” off the ANC. 

Gordhan also admitted the separation between party and state is inadequate.

He said he hoped “we will move more in that direction in the coming years”, referring to a greater separation between the two entities.


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