South Africa

New Pick n Pay QualiSave stores launched

Pick n Pay has launched a new supermarket brand – Pick n Pay QualiSave – that offers 8,000 products, with an emphasis on meat, fresh produce, and bakery.

Pick n Pay QualiSave serves the “middle market” by providing lower prices alongside great quality and excellent customer service. 

Pick n Pay will now have three brands to serve different market segments.

  • Pick n Pay – High-end customers
  • Pick n Pay QualiSave – Middle market
  • Boxer – Low-end customers

Pick n Pay Group CEO Pieter Boone said QualiSave would offer exceptional prices for quality goods alongside a high-quality shopping experience. 

He added that Pick n Pay QualiSave was needed because the Pick n Pay brand could not meet all their customer’s needs.

From September 2022, many Pick n Pay Stores across the country will be rebranded Pick n Pay QualiSave.

These stores will be revamped to make them easily distinguishable from Pick n Pay stores.

The revamping will include a new store layout, distinctive in-store signage, and product selection aimed at the growing middle market shopper base.

Boone said six Pick n Pay QualiSave stores and four Pick n Pay stores have already been revamped over the last three months and have yielded positive trading results.