Smart Money – PPS Investments CIO David Crosoer discusses South Africa’s investment prospects

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, PPS Investments Chief Investment Officer David Crosoer discusses South Africa and its current investment prospects.

Crosoer is a highly experienced investment professional and a cornerstone of PPS’s world-class team.

He joined PPS Investments in June 2008 as an investment analyst, a role he held for two years until he was promoted to Head of Research.

Crosoer served as Head of Research for two more years, after which he was appointed to the PPS Executive Committee.

As the Investments and Research Executive, Crosoer managed key investment teams and was a Director of PPS Multi-Manager.

In 2019, Crosoer was appointed as PPS CIO – and has held the position since.

In this role, he plays a crucial role in helping PPS grow its various portfolios while developing long-lasting relationships with relevant industry players.

Crosoer holds a Master’s in Economics from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from Rhodes University.

The interview

Crosoer begins the interview by describing how “investable” South Africa is, given its current economic condition and systemic challenges.

He then touches on the potential return South Africa offers investors who are willing to face these ostensible risks.

Crosoer continues by expanding on how South Africa’s position impacts the offshore allocations of investors, compared to their local investments.

He concludes the interview by explaining how being a mutual organisation like PPS Investments can have a broader impact on individual investors beyond just ROI.

Watch the interview with David Crosoer below.

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