Smart Money – Ninety One’s Sangeeth Sewnath unpacks how the elections will impact South African markets

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Ninety One’s Sangeeth Sewnath unpacks what causes bear markets in South Africa.

Sewnath is the Deputy Managing Director of the Africa Client Group at Ninety One. He is a qualified actuary and an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s leadership development programme.

Sewnath has worked at Ninety One for over 23 years, joining the company in 2000 as a member of its Product Development Department.

In 2008, he became the Global Head of Product Development and was responsible for developing and enhancing investment capabilities offered to advisors and institutional investors.

Sewnath was then promoted to Deputy Managing Director in 2013, and now guides Ninety One’s strategic direction and key client relationships in Africa.

The interview

Sewnath begins the interview by explaining the market implications of 2024 being the “year of the vote” – referring to the fact that half the world’s population is expected to cast votes in their respective countries’ elections.

He then discusses his expectations for the upcoming South African elections, based on research dating back to 1966.

Sewnath also unpacks the factors that are putting the market under pressure and potentially triggering a bear market.

He then outlines how investors can navigate these issues and how slowing growth impacts company earnings.

Sewnath concludes the interview by outlining where he currently sees investment opportunities.

Watch the interview with Sangeeth Sewnath below.


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