Smart Money – Ninety One’s Paul Carr on the impact of global disinflation on investing

Paul Carr - Ninety One

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Paul Carr – Portfolio Manager at Ninety One – discusses how global disinflation affects the investment industry.

Carr is an investment specialist with a focus on foreign exchange, rates, and commodities.

He joined Hambros Fund Management in 1996 to lead its institutional fixed income team, and received his Investment Management Certificate in 1997.

Carr has also completed the Securities Institute Diploma papers in Fixed Income and Fund Management, achieving membership status.

In 1998, he helped to create the central fixed income dealing desk following the Investec Asset Management and Guinness Flight Hambro Fund Management merger.

He worked on the Investec dealing desk for several years and later specialised in foreign exchange.

Carr now serves as the Portfolio Manager for Ninety One’s Global Macro Fixed Income team and the Co-Portfolio Manager of its new Global Diversified Income Fund.

Smart Money interview

In the interview, Carr starts off by discussing interest rates during global financial crises.

He then shifts to current interest rates, and outlines the biggest factors influencing inflation and the present state of the global economy.

Carr unpacks what the current economic situation means for investors – especially conservative ones – and talks about global disinflation.

Carr concludes the interview by detailing what the future holds for the global economy and fixed income, and how all of this influences Ninety One’s portfolio positioning and risk mitigation.

Watch the full Smart Money interview with Paul Carr below.


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