Billionaire Chase Coleman bets on Big Tech

Superinvestor Chase Coleman pumped money into Big Tech stocks in the third quarter of 2023, adding to his positions in Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Nvidia. 

Coleman is a billionaire hedge fund manager and the founder of Tiger Global Management. He is one of the most successful investors in the world, and his firm has generated billions of dollars in profits for its investors. 

He was born in New York City in 1975 and attended Deerfield Academy and Williams College, where he studied economics. 

After graduating from Williams College, Coleman worked as a research analyst at Tiger Management, a hedge fund founded by Julian Robertson. 

In 2001, Coleman left Tiger Management to found his hedge fund, Tiger Global Management, alongside other ‘Tiger Cubs’ who split from Robertson to form their own hedge funds. 

Coleman is known for his aggressive investment style and has made some of the most successful investments in recent history. 

For example, Coleman was an early investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

In addition to his business interests, Coleman is also a philanthropist. He has donated money to several charities, including the Williams College Museum of Art, the Deerfield Academy, and the Council on Foreign Relations. 

He is also a co-founder of the Tiger Foundation, a charity that supports education and poverty alleviation in New York City.

Chase Coleman’s portfolio 

Super investors managing over $100 million in funds are required by the SEC to file a 13F form within 45 days of the previous quarter ending. This filing outlines their portfolios and any shares they bought or sold.

Coleman’s portfolio is worth $13.5 billion and includes significant positions in prominent companies such as Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, and Google.

He added significantly to his positions in Google and Nvidia, in particular, while topping up on his investments in Meta and Microsoft, which are his two biggest holdings. 

Below is a breakdown of the top 20 shares in Coleman’s portfolio as of the end of the third quarter of 2023.

CompanyPercent of portfolioChangeValue
Meta Platforms19.69%Add 3.86%$2,670,640,000
Microsoft14.27%Add 8.16%$1,935,951,000
Apollo Global Management8.13%Reduce 0.45%$1,102,719,000
Take-Two Interactive Software5.44%Add 10.06%$737,886,000
Alphabet (Google)5.15%Add 39.96%$698,168,000
Workday 4.47%Add 41.13%$606,391,000
Sea Ltd. 3.69%Add 247.10%$514,339,000
Amazon 3.69%Add 6.49%$500,222,000
Eli Lily & Co. 3.64%Add 26.93%$493,676,000
Nvidia Corp.3.56%Add 76.79%$483,385,000
ServiceNow2.45%Reduce 4.21%$332,277,000 2.12%Reduce 53.21%$287,275,000
Intuit 1.91%Reduce 52.18%$259,558,000
Uber Technologies1.74%Add 44.31%$236,067,000
Lam Research1.71%Add 8.35%$231,929,000
FleetCor Technologies1.48%Reduce 0.22%$200,307,000
Grab Holdings1.34%Add 119%$181,608,000
TSMC 1.32%Add 10.34%$179,170,000
Confluent Inc. 1.13%Add 71.89%$153,791,000
CrowdStrike Holdings1.11%No change$153,791,000


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