Smart Money – Dawie Roodt on South Africa’s biggest challenges

Efficient Group chief economist Dawie Roodt is one of South Africa’s leading economists and a regular commentator on financial and political developments.

Roodt specialises in monetary and fiscal policy and is currently researching the possible impact of cryptocurrencies on monetary policy.

He ranks as the most referenced economist in the country and received the prestigious Media24 Economist of the Year award.

Apart from being an award-winning economist, he is a well-known author, television and radio presenter, frequent guest lecturer, and a director at Free Market Foundation.

Roodt worked as a South African Reserve Bank (SARB) economist before founding the asset management company Efficient Group in 2002 with Heiko Weidhase.

Efficient Group has since grown into a diversified financial services group offering tailor-made investment products across the value chain.

Roodt currently serves as a director at Efficient Group and is the chairman for Efficient Private Clients.

In this Smart Money interview, he discusses his journey to becoming one of South Africa’s most prominent and most referenced economists.

He then unpacks South Africa’s most immediate economic challenges and suggests which policy changes could vastly improve the country.

Roodt also highlights the silver linings in South Africa’s economy, which include the world-class South African Reserve Bank.

He discusses his most recent role as the chairman of Efficient Private Clients and talks about Efficient Group’s plans for the future.

Lastly, Roodt talks about the man behind the economist, including his passion for marathons and ichthyology.

Watch the full Smart Money interview with Efficient Group Chief Economist Dawie Roodt below.


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