Paul Theron reveals the shares in his portfolio

Vestact CEO Paul Theron revealed that he likes technology and health and wellness businesses and therefore owns shares in Apple, Google, Visa, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Nike, and Amgen.

Theron started Vestact in 2002. It is an active investment management firm that manages assets on behalf of private clients in both rands and US dollars through individualised investment accounts.

The firm gained tremendous traction among South Africans who wanted to build an international portfolio in dollars.

Today, Vestact is a household name in investment circles with R7.5 billion under management, most of it in US dollars in New York.

In his recent newsletter, Theron referenced Nassim Taleb’s book “Skin in the Game: The Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life”.

Taleb gave this widely-quoted line in his book: “Don’t tell me what you ‘think’, just tell me what’s in your portfolio.”

Theron shared “what he thinks” with his newsletter subscribers, which includes two investment themes.

  • I believe technology is changing the world for the better, and you must own shares in the companies leading the way. So, buy Apple, Google, Visa, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, etc.
  • I think that humans want to live longer, happier lives, so the health and wellness business will grow faster than the rest of the economy. Add Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Nike, and Amgen to your portfolio.

“Those are the companies I own – that’s my skin in the game,” Theron said.


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