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How you can build trust in your brand using Daily Investor sponsored articles

Daily Investor’s sponsored articles are the best way to grow your business’s reputation in South Africa and build trust in your brand.

This is backed up by academic research from Frontiers in Psychology, which found that online advertising increases customer satisfaction by growing trust among our target audience.

“Analytical results show that this is an era of information technology, and online advertising and online purchases play a key role in maintaining a company’s outstanding reputation in the customer and competitor markets over the long term,” said the researchers.

Running sponsored articles on Daily Investor will build trust in your brand by positioning you as an industry leader in front of Daily Investor’s unrivalled audience of financial decision-makers.

These include:

  • 1,200,000 – Investors and high-income earners
  • 100,000 – Financial and investment professionals
  • 12,000 – Fund advisors
  • 5,000 – Analysts
  • 3,500 – Fund managers

Book a Daily Investor sponsored article

Daily Investor’s expert marketing team is ready to help you run a powerful sponsored articles and will ensure your content grows your brand reputation in South Africa.

This includes writing your articles, promoting them on Daily Investor and social media, and reporting on their performance.

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