South Africa’s top stock pickers in 2022

The South African stock pickers who achieved the best performance in 2022 are Ricus Reeders from PSG Wealth, Lonwabo Maqubela from Perpetua, and Annatjie Van Rooyen from My Wealth.

2022 was a brutal year for markets, with the S&P 500 declining by 17% and the JSE All Share Index basically flat.

Runaway inflation, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine, energy uncertainty, and recession fears have caused havoc in financial markets.

In South Africa, political instability and the rand’s volatility created additional uncertainty, making it challenging for investors to find safe havens for their money.

The rising interest environment and bear market made it difficult for fund managers and analysts to generate returns this year.

In response to the uncertainty, many financial advisers told their clients to stick with money markets, bonds, gold, and defensive stocks until the markets recover.

However, many experienced investors who have been through a crushing bear market, like the one experienced this year, see it as an opportunity.

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman, for example, said it is a good time to invest in high-quality companies.

“Today is a good time to buy stock and a good entry point,” Ackman said.

He equated it to March 2020, when stock prices plummeted and offered investors a great opportunity to buy good companies at low valuations.

“This is another good moment. I don’t know how well you are going to do over the next six or twelve months, but over the next few years, it is a good place to be an investor,” he said.

Many South African investors have been able to pick quality companies which generated good returns in 2022 despite the market conditions.

To see which fund managers and analysts performed the best, Daily Investor recorded all their stock picks between January 2022 and December 2022.

We then calculated the performance of these shares up to 9 December and tracked their performance against the S&P 500 and JSE Top 40.

We calculated the relative performance against the S&P 500 and JSE Top 40 over the same holding period as each stock pick to assess the performance.

South Africa’s top stock pickers in 2022

Ricus Reeders from PSG Wealth Ruimsig achieved the best average performance in 2022 and significantly outperformed the S&P 500 and JSE Top 40.

Lonwabo Maqubela from Perpetua Investment Managers finished second, followed by Annatjie Van Rooyen from My Wealth Investments.

The table below shows the South African fund managers and analysts who achieved a positive return and outperformed the S&P 500 or JSE Top 40.

The second table shows their best and worst stock picks this year.

AnalystsCompanyStocks ChosenAverage Performance
Ricus ReedersPSG Wealth Ruimsig1915.14%
Lonwabo MaqubelaPerpetua Investment Managers612.35%
Annatjie Van RooyenMy Wealth Investments56.91%
Craig PheifferSasfin Wealth99.34%
Jean Pierre VersterProtea Capital Management189.04%
Wayne McCurrieFNB Wealth & Investments317.54%
Drikus CombrinckCapicraft135.05%
Graeme FranckPSG Wealth Sandton Grayston115.85%
Chantal MarxFNB Wealth & Investments75.01%
Nick KunzeSanlam Private Wealth114.07%
Jonathan FisherPSG Wealth Sandton Grayston85.34%
Rowan WilliamsNitrogen Fund Managers135.04%
Chris GilmourIndependent144.84%
Mark du ToitOyster Catcher Investments141.38%
Karl GeversIndependent80.57%
Graeme KörnerKörner Perspective170.09%
Roy MutooniAbsa Asset Management120.55%
Imtiaz SulimanSentio Capital130.18%
AnalystsBest PickPerformanceWorst PickPerformance
Ricus ReedersThungela Resources120.09%Tyson Foods-27.86%
Lonwabo MaqubelaAngloGold Ashanti26.72%Coronation-1.53%
Annatjie Van RooyenNaspers32.32%Sasol-9.92%
Craig PheifferASML31.85%Disney-3.37%
Jean Pierre VersterAshtead40.41%Netflix-23.86%
Wayne McCurrieNaspers61.10%Meta-44.04%
Drikus CombrinckGrupo Aeroportuario38.11%Zeder-39.33%
Graeme FranckNaspers59.00%Life Healthcare-22.65%
Chantal MarxRichemont26.94%Karooooo-26.90%
Nick KunzeGlencore16.11%Netcare-7.36%
Jonathan FisherTotal Energies20.28%Mr Price-13.85%
Rowan WilliamsReinet19.13%Stellantis NV-14.51%
Chris GilmourCity Lodge35.68%Merafe-23.84%
Mark du ToitMediclinic50.43%Quilter-40.09%
Karl GeversProsus54.79%Sanlam-25.09%
Graeme KörnerNaspers65.81%Old Mutual-21.63%
Roy MutooniShoprite23.73%MTN-16.94%
Imtiaz SulimanShoprite24.43%Sergo PLC-37.09%


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