Discovery crushes Momentum

Discovery’s superior marketing is helping the company to outperform its rivals, like Momentum, in online brand awareness and driving traffic to its website.

Retail insurance is a fiercely competitive field, and the success of an insurance provider is highly dependent on its marketing and sales performance.

Most insurance marketing campaigns aim to drive potential customers to their sales channels, like their websites and call centres.

Although it is a core part of an insurance company’s success, they do not report the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and their return on investment (ROI).

However, it is possible to look at the search and website traffic to see how effective a company’s online marketing is.

Two of the best sources for this information are Similarweb, which measures website engagements, and Google Trends, which measures search trends.

The two sections below show how Discovery and one of its main competitors, Momentum, stack up in terms of website engagements and search term popularity.

Website engagements

SimilarWeb, an Israeli web analytics company specialising in web traffic and performance, provides an accurate view of website engagements.

SimilarWeb’s data shows that Discovery dominates Momentum in website visits and monthly unique visitors.

Discovery’s strong performance results from an effective marketing strategy focusing on performance.

It makes particularly good use of referral traffic from content marketing. SimilarWeb shows its biggest publisher referral traffic comes from MyBroadband, News24, Citizen, and BusinessTech.

Momentum, in comparison, does not get much referral traffic from publishers. The only big publisher driving traffic to Momentum’s website is BusinessTech.

The table below shows how Discovery and Momentum compare on website engagements.

Google Search

Google Trends analyses the popularity of top search queries in Google Search and makes it easy to compare search terms.

According to Google Trends, Discovery has 300% higher search traffic than Momentum in South Africa.

The chart below shows the search term popularity of Discovery (blue) and Momentum (red) over the last 12 months.