Ten South African Twitter accounts investors should follow

The Internet has made investing accessible to everyone in terms of trading platforms and information on companies you can invest in.

Social media has already changed how people communicate, share, and access information, and it is now impacting investing.

Twitter stands out as a valuable tool for investors seeking timely and insightful information about the financial markets.

With its concise format and real-time updates, Twitter provides a unique and efficient way for investors to stay informed.

One of the greatest advantages of using Twitter for investment information is the sheer diversity of voices on the platform.

Financial experts, equity analysts, and seasoned investors actively engage with their followers on Twitter.

They freely share their knowledge and insights on market trends, company performances, and emerging opportunities.

Investors can follow various reputable accounts to receive diverse perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of the investment landscape.

Twitter’s real-time nature can help users understand sudden fluctuations due to breaking news, economic indicators, or geopolitical events.

By following financial news outlets and market influencers, investors gain access to up-to-the-minute information that can be crucial for making time-sensitive decisions.

One of the most valuable tools is using hashtags to organise investment-related content on Twitter and follow companies on your watch list.

Popular hashtags like #stocks, #investing, or specific company symbols like $AAPL (Apple Inc.) allow users to filter and discover content relevant to their interests.

There are also many investment-focussed Twitter accounts which offer tremendous value to new and experienced investors.

Here are ten South African Twitter users to follow if you are interested in investing.

David Shapiro – @davidshapiro61

David Shapiro is the Chief Global Equity Strategist at Sasfin Securities. He joined the stock market in 1972, shortly after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Apart from great investment information, you may learn a thing or two about Arsenal.

David Shapiro

Wayne McCurrie – @WayneMcCurrie

FNB Wealth and Investments’ Wayne McCurrie is a household name in South African investment circles and is a regular market commentator on Business Day TV, 702, CNBC Africa, ENCA, and Newzroom Africa.

Piet Viljoen – @pietviljoen

Piet Viljoen manages the Merchant West Investments Value Fund and is a director of various companies, including two listed investment companies, RAC and Astoria.

Simon Brown – @SimonPB

Simon Brown is a well-known TV personality who focuses on investing and trading. He describes himself as a teacher, helping people understand money and all its aspects, from saving and investing to derivative trading.

Ash Muller – @askashbroker

Ash Muller is a property broker focusing on commercial and industrial properties. She posts interesting information about the South African property market.

Anthony Clark – @smalltalkdaily

Anthony Clark is an award-winning independent small-to-mid-cap analyst and the founder of Smalltalkdaily Research. He posts interesting information about industrial, agricultural, and food stocks.

Wandile Sihlobo – @WandileSihlobo

Wandile Sihlobo is the chief economist of the Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa and a senior lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University. He posts interesting information about South Africa’s agriculture sector.

Wandile Sihlobo, chief economist at Agriculture Business Chamber of South Africa.

Hugo Pienaar – @hugopien

Hugo Pienaar is the chief economist at the Bureau for Economic Research (BER) who won the Media24 Economist of the Year award in 2021. He is a must-follow for South African economic data.

Hugo Pienaar

Bernard Swanepoel – @zbswanepoel

Bernard Swanepoel is one of Africa’s most knowledgeable leaders in mining engineering, a director of numerous mining companies, and the former CEO of Harmony Gold. He posts great information about the mining industry.

Giulietta Talevi – @GTalevi

Giulietta Talevi is the money and investing editor at Financial Mail and the host of Stock Watch on Business Day TV. You may find a few investing comments, but the real joy in following her is the brutally honest views ranging from the state of Johannesburg to company statements.


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