Andre de Ruyter writes from the United States

Former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter wrote a column for Netwerk24 from his new job at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

In his column, he waxed lyrical about the change of seasons and the change in the colour of the leaves where he stays.

He also describes how people trust each other in America and how farmers can sell their goods at unmanned stalls.

“The pumpkin stalls are not manned. There is a tin where you can pay your $10 and even help yourself to change if needed,” he said.

He goes on to describe Halloween, gives background about the festival, and discusses the separation of church and state.

De Ruyter did not mention anything related to Eskom, South Africa, his work at Yale, or his plans after his senior fellow appointment expires.

It was the first time he penned a personal letter or column since he landed the swanky new job at Yale.

He resigned from Eskom in December 2022 and left the power utility with immediate effect in February 2023, following an explosive interview on eNCA.

In the interview, he accused the ANC of corruption and enrichment through Eskom. He added there was knowledge and support of corruption at the highest levels.

In May, De Ruyter released a new book, Truth to Power: My Three Years Inside Eskom, in which he exposed further details about corruption and incompetence at the power utility.

De Ruyter left South Africa soon after his resignation and lived in a secret location before moving to America.

He revealed that his decision to leave the country followed a warning that his life could be in danger because of his revelations about corruption at Eskom.

Daily Investor asked De Ruyter what he found attractive about the senior fellow position at Yale and what he could be teaching, but he preferred not to answer the question.

He would also not comment on where he stays, how long he plans to stay at Yale, and whether he plans to return to South Africa.

Andre de Ruyter’s full Netwerk24 column can be viewed here.


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