Smart Money – Currency Hub CEO Andrew Ludwig explains the benefits of cryptocurrency arbitrage

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Andrew Ludwig – co-founder and CEO of CURRENCY HUB – explains how cryptocurrency arbitrage works and why it is a great investment opportunity.

Ludwig has spent the majority of his entrepreneurial career in marketing and managing alternative investment strategies for institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Thanks to this experience and his continual guidance, CURRENCY HUB has positioned itself at the intersection between digital asset pioneers and traditional asset management.

CURRENCY HUB focuses on an arbitrage strategy used over the past seven years that generates profit through price inefficiencies between digital assets and foreign exchange rates, due to South Africa’s exchange controls.

The interview

In the interview, Ludwig breaks down how cryptocurrency arbitrage works and details the profits South Africans are making with CURRENCY HUB.

He then explains how CURRENCY HUB has ensured its trading continuity despite recent economic issues, such as South Africa being grey-listed.

Ludwig also shares his thoughts on how financial services industry changes – such as new licences and regulations – will impact the South African cryptocurrency arbitrage market.

He concludes by outlining the minimum investment required on CURRENCY HUB, as well as the amounts he recommends investing to maximise your profits.

Watch the interview with Andrew Ludwig below.