Discovery and Checkers to give up to 75% back to customers

Discovery Vitality has announced a partnership with Checkers and Checkers Sixty60 for the Vitality HealthyFood benefit. 

In response to shifting shopping habits, the benefit is also being updated to give members the choice of an in-store and an online grocery partner with the chance to earn 75% back on healthy food items.

This comes alongside other enhancements to Vitality, including the launch of Vitality Fitness – a first-of-its-kind platform to find and book exercise classes. 

“We are delighted to add Checkers to encourage even more Discovery Vitality members to make healthy food choices. Vitality’s HealthyFood benefit has been rewarding positive behaviour change for almost 15 years,” Discovery Vitality CEO Dinesh Govender said. 

Vitality members get up to 25% back on their grocery spend on thousands of healthy food items at partners Woolworths and Pick n Pay. 

These rewards are boosted for Discovery Bank clients who get up to 75% back. Last year, members were rewarded with over 70 million healthy food items on the benefit. 

Grocery delivery has skyrocketed in popularity, with a marked increase in the number of households that use a combination of in-store and online channels to buy groceries. 

This year, 34% of Vitality members who ordered groceries online did so at least weekly, a testament to the increasing reliance on online grocery purchasing due to its convenience.

Almost 60% of Vitality members have different retailer preferences when they shop in-store versus online. 

For this reason, Discovery Vitality will allow its members to select both a preferred in-store partner and a preferred online partner to maximise their HealthyFood rewards.

The Vitality HealthyFood benefit enhancements will be implemented in late 2024.

Vitality Fitness

For over 25 years, Vitality’s fitness benefits have driven hundreds of thousands of members to get healthier and rewarded. 

In continuing to evolve, Discovery Vitality will be introducing a first-of-its-kind platform to find and book exercise classes in 2024. 

The four main features of the Vitality Fitness platform enable members to:

  1. Book a class at any one of over 400 fitness facilities nationwide. Vitality members enjoy 24 free visits a year and can pay safely and securely with Vitality Pay or using Discovery Miles.
  2. Instantly join a Virgin Active or Planet Fitness gym for an activation fee of R499, with a 75% discount on monthly membership fees.
  3. Pay-as-you-gym with Virgin Active or Planet Fitness. Vitality members enjoy three free visits. 
  4. Exercise outdoors – running or cycling with Team Vitality, and via a new partnership, play Padel with 20% off all Africa Padel bookings.

“Over the last 25 years, Vitality’s iconic gym benefit has helped over a million Vitality members get active and rewarded – with one Vitality member entering a gym every second,” Govender said.